Know the next must-do steps for a better website

Know what's working well, and what needs fixing on your website.

Ever tried to order or book something online, and the buy now button wouldn’t click, or the website took you to a dud page and the whole process made you give up and leave?

Imagine the same thing happening to people visiting your website, and as a result, clients and customers are getting frustrated and leaving.

If only someone could check your website and hand you a list of recommendations…

Nat Alleblas SEO Sleuth Melbourne

I’m Natalie Alleblas, SEO Sleuth, based in Melbourne Australia.

I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses, helping them with SEO over the last 8 years.

Let me do some detective work on your website, and help you find what needs fixing, for a better website with more leads and sales!

A checklist so you know what needs fixing and you stop losing website sales and enquiries.

Here are some common improvements made after a website audit:

-Removing confusing language in the homepage heading so that clients understand quickly what a business does and spend more time on the website

-Creating more space between buttons and links, so that when a customer is viewing the website from their mobile, their fingers don’t accidentally click the wrong button

-Removing fields from a contact form to make it simpler for clients to complete, resulting in more leads

-Changing the homepage heading colour and moving its position to make it easier to read on a mobile phone

-Adding keywords to the meta title and meta description of every product/service page to increase their chances of ranking better in Google

What do you get with my website audits?

Google Sheets checklist with 109 items for website audits melbourne

A Google Sheet with tabs for each of the 8 areas that are checked, and 110 different parts of your website listed on the main checklist (see photo above), covering technical SEO, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, general website functionality, design/user experience, accessibility and conversion rate optimisation.

Recommendations for fixes and improvements on what was audited.

Report summarising what was found in the audit, in an easy-to-understand way so that you know exactly what you need to do next to improve your website. 

You know exactly which pages need improvements and what they are, and you can decide whether to tackle them yourself or outsource to me.

Cost of a website audit:

Website with up to 20 pages: $597+GST


For larger websites, please email me for a quote.

Price does not include fixes made by me- this is an additional cost, starting from $200.

To book your audit, please complete the below form and I’ll follow up with an email within 1 to 2 business days.