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You're the word nerd, I'm the data geek...

How do my keyword research services help you?

Imagine never doing keyword research and analysis again. Never scrolling through pages of scary-looking numbers. Never paying for expensive SEO subscriptions.  

Yes, this can be your new reality, if you outsource keyword research.

Would you rather spend an hour writing copy or researching keywords?

When you’re working on a large copywriting project, the last thing you want to do is research keywords and deal with data.

That stuff is boring, not to mention time consuming, confusing and just…blah! You can easily waste a whole day researching keywords without even coming up with a final list to use.

My keyword research services let you spend your time doing what you do best in your business: writing copy and content for clients.

How much is an hour of your time worth?

The time you spend on activities that aren’t writing is costing your business money, not to mention the stress of trying to figure out something that you’re not an expert at.

You can outsource your house cleaning, your gardening and your business administration. Outsource your keyword research to me and create more time for copywriting (your bank account will thank you for it).

"How do your keyword research services work?"

Using tools such as Keysearch, Ahrefs and Serpstat, I do your keyword research, analysis and keyword mapping and send you a final list of keywords ready for you to weave throughout your copy (I can already hear your sigh of relief!).

I’ve been getting SEO results for copywriting clients for 8 years and know what to look for, how to dig deep and find those keyword treasures.

Now you can offer your clients optimised copy and content to help them be found online.

keyword research services

"What do I get when I outsource keyword research to you?"

Here’s what you get using my keyword research services:

Spreadsheet data showing relevant primary and secondary keywords, their average monthly search volumes and a keyword competitiveness score.  There’s no limit to how many keywords I provide.

A summary report with the recommended primary keyword for each page and/or post so you don’t fret over choosing a primary keyword. If your client asks you questions about the keywords, you have the answers.

Email support should you have any questions after receiving your data and report. This is your chance to clear anything you’re not sure about.

“How much do you charge?”

Prices start from $650AU/£370/$440US
For a quote for an upcoming project, please click the button below.
"Nat is my go-to for SEO keywords. I've recommended her to multiple clients and she always delivers. Her work is quick and presented in a way that makes it easy to understand. She's very helpful and always answers my (sometimes basic!) questions in a super friendly way. Five stars."
"Nat is incredible at diving deep into keyword research to come up with a realistic set of usable keywords to target."
Sandra Muller
Content Strategist

"I'm ready to work with you, Nat!"

Great! The next step is to click the button below which takes you to my contact page. Please complete the contact form with details about the website you need keyword research for. I email you (within 24 hours) my client planner brief and a quote for the work. Once you’re happy to go ahead, I let you know what else I need from you.

Got a keyword research question?

Frequently asked questions

The cost of my keyword research services depends on factors such as the size of the website and the complexity of the research. Prices start from $650AUD. Contact me for a quote.

Turnaround time depends on the size of the project, but for most projects less than 10 pages, turnaround is 3-4 business days from receipt of payment.

You receive a spreadsheet with all relevant keywords listed, along with the average monthly search volume and a keyword competitiveness score.

I map all the keywords to the website’s pages/posts so you know exactly which page and post each keyword belongs to.

I also let you know my recommendations for primary keywords so that you don’t need to make the hard decision of which keyword to pick as your main focus!

You also receive a brief report with my recommendations and reasons for choosing each primary keyword, in case your client asks you questions.

You can still use my keyword research services even if your client doesn’t have a live website. Just provide me with a list of planned pages and/or posts with a brief description for each one.

This will give me an idea of what keywords I need to research, to make sure I’m on the right track before I continue with the full research.

I offer a white label keyword research service. Most of my projects are white label projects, so I understand the importance of confidentiality. 

I can remove my branding on the reports before sending to you- just let me know beforehand. 

All projects that are below AUD$1000 must be paid in full before work commences.

If you’re a new client and your project is more than AUD$1000, I require a 75% deposit upfront with the balance payable once I send you your reports.

If you’re an existing client and your project is more than AUD$1000, I require a 50% deposit upfront with the balance payable once I send you your reports.

I don’t commence work until I have received your payment.