competitors analysis

Want to know what your competitors are doing behind the scenes?

Competitor Analysis

What would you do if you knew the keywords your competitors were ranking for? 

If you knew which content was their best performing? 

If you knew what backlink strategy they were using?

Book a competitor analysis, and I’ll do some detective sleuthing for intelligent data on your competitors. I’ll explain how you can use this data to improve your own website’s SEO strategy!

Don’t worry- I’ll get all the data and turn it into a meaningful report so that everything makes sense. 


Your competitor analysis includes:

Top ranking keywords and their position and average search volumes

Overview of your competitors’ traffic statistics

Analysis of their backlinks

All raw data is presented in a neatly organised Excel spreadsheet, along with a report. The report is where I turn all the geeky data into clear and simple observations and recommendations. Plain English. Easy peasy!

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the report in a 1-hour phone consultation.

You can choose up to 3 competitors to analyse. 

Price: £450

i spy with my little eye...

Make sure you’re also spying on your own audience! Did you know you can find out what people are searching for on your website? Big brother is watching (ok that sounds a little creepy).

How to use keywords to increase client conversion

You’ve spied on your competitors’, you know which keywords they are ranking on page 1 for. How can you use these keywords to increase your own client conversions? 

what is a long tail keyword melbourne
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