Having a website without any visitors is like shouting from a mountain top but only hearing the echo of your own voice.

No one is going to find your website if it’s not showing up on Google.

And that means, no one is going to know your business exists.

(Unless you start running expensive ads and spend hours on social media creating Reels, Insta stories and whatever new hoops the Social Media Gods make you jump through).

SEO is the only way to get your website found organically and don’t worry- learning SEO doesn’t need to be confusing and hard.

I know how overwhelming SEO can sound- there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and SEO sharks who try to make it all sound harder than it needs to be. 

My 7-week SEO Sleuth Course demystifies SEO and shows you the SEO tactics and techniques I’ve used to help hundreds of clients over the last 6 years rank in Google.

This is an easy to understand, informative and helpful course that gives you the confidence to do your own SEO without needing an overpriced SEO expert.

FACT: If you outsource SEO, expect to pay at least $1000 per month and be locked into a 12 month contract. That’s over $12,000 a year. 

Or do it yourself for a fraction of the cost and save your money for a family holiday instead. I know what I’d rather do!

Know anyone who’s been ripped off by an SEO agency?

Yep, we’ve all heard those horror stories about SEO rip offs. You may have been ripped off yourself.

SEO sharks who are more than happy to take money from hard-working small business owners only to deliver nothing but tumbleweeds in the internet wind.

Be savvy and learn how to do SEO yourself so that you don’t need to worry about SEO sharks and you know that your website can rank in Google and get organic traffic and sales.

“SEO is too expensive to outsource.”


You don’t need a huge budget to implement SEO- learn what you need to know in this online SEO course and then apply it to your website. Then watch your rankings grow.

Not having the budget to outsource to an expensive SEO agency shouldn’t be what stops you from optimising your website and getting traffic.


Who is the course suitable for?

This course is for you if you:

She provided practical, generous and clever tips and information that could be easily implemented.”

How the course works:

The course runs for 7 weeks, with each week covering 1 SEO topic. Work through the course content, which will be available 1 week at a time. I recommend setting aside 1 hour per week for the course content (and extra time if you want to implement what you learn).

The course content is mostly video and includes supporting resources. There is no set homework- you can choose to implement what you learn as you progress through the course, or you can wait until the end of the course and do your implementation.

Every fortnight there is a 45 min live group coaching call giving you the chance to ask questions about the previous 2 weeks’ topics and get personalised advice about your own website. 

Email support is available during the 7 weeks and there’s a dedicated Facebook group for students (however if you’re not on Facebook, you won’t miss anything important).


Here’s what we cover during the 7-week course:

Week 1:
Foundations of SEO

Cut out the SEO confusion and learn why SEO matters, and how you can implement SEO the right way without any tricks. When you understand the theory behind SEO, everything else makes sense.

Week 2:
Technical SEO

Learn what you need to do in the backend of your website to make it Google and user-friendly. Don’t worry- no coding required!

Week 3:
Keyword Research

Find out the process I use when finding keywords for my clients. Learn how to find the best keywords for your business and how to make the process easier and quicker with my time-saving tips and tricks.

Week 4:
Optimising your website

A step-by-step explanation of “what to put and where to put it” will give you the confidence to tackle on-page SEO for your website. Take what you’ve learnt from module 3 and apply it to a real website. We also look at content strategies for SEO.

Week 5:
Off-page SEO

How do you make your website an authority? We look at marketing activities that will not only grow your online visibility, but make your website a higher authority in Google’s eyes.

Week 6:
Measuring SEO performance

Once you’ve implemented SEO, learn how to keep track of your website performance and see how many visitors are landing on your website and how they’re behaving. This will help you tweak your SEO and make important business marketing decisions.

Week 7:
Local SEO

Learn how to use the power of local SEO strategies to attract clients and customers from your geographical location. This is more than just learning how to use Google My Business.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the course…

The SEO Sleuth Course is open for enrolment.

For $1397AUD** you get:

*around £780 or $1077US, depending on the exchange rate which you can check here. Prices are + GST for Australian clients and charged in AUD.

Course is limited to 20 students only so that I can give you my full attention and help during the course.

Cart closes Friday 5th March 11.59pm AEST.

Three payments of


One time payment of


An affordable and easy way to learn and implement SEO… without spending thousands on outsourcing.

Praise about the SEO Sleuth course from past students:

"Whether you're new to SEO or you need a refresh/update, this is the course for you. Natalie is a friendly, personable and experienced coach, and I have learnt so much from her. As a busy mum juggling work, I was still able to fit this course in and attend Natalie's brilliant coaching calls. She's a great tutor because she's so approachable and encourages questions, no matter how basic. This course gave me confidence to progress in my career and I'd recommend it to anyone. This is truly the best course I've ever done."
Jo Wheatley
Digital Content Strategist
"The knowledge I have obtained since completing Nat's course means I have been able to add some SEO services to help my existing clients. Following the easily consumable modules has meant no overwhelming content, taking one aspect of SEO at a time yet seeing how it all comes together. The value the SEO Sleuth online course offers is amazing!"
Sharon Baillie
Baillie Online Services
"I knew a little about SEO but not the nuts and bolts. And through Natalie's SEO course I learned just how many nuts and bolts there were. Natalie's tuition and resources are excellent, and she answers queries quickly and comprehensively. I'm now in a far better position to implement SEO on my own website and those of clients. Natalie has helped my businesses enormously."
Cath Harris
Cath Harris Media

Google and your clients don’t know you exist…

But that’s because your website isn’t optimised for SEO-yet. 

Not all web developers create a website that’s SEO-ready. Most leave it up to business owners to figure out. Or if they do optimise, they don’t do it properly.

And don’t mention outsourcing. Many SEO consultants and agencies charge a fortune and resort to questionable tactics that could see your website suffer the wrath of the Google Gods. 

SEO isn’t just adding keywords here and there and hoping for the best- you need a high-performing website plus the right content and marketing effort. It’s not something you do once and forget about.


The SEO Sleuth Course includes resources and support from me  and my guest sleuthing experts that will make the do-it-yourself process easier than trying to Google the information yourself!

Hi! I’m your course trainer, Natalie Alleblas…

keyword research services

Hi! I’m Nat Alleblas, Head SEO Sleuth.

In my course I’ll teach the SEO tools and techniques that I’ve mastered over the past 6 years that have helped me and my clients be found by Google and our customers.

Past students have enjoyed the course because I’m approachable and happy to answer any questions no matter how small. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and this comes through in the course videos.

I don’t just teach SEO like some trainers do… I DO SEO all day, every day, for my own sites and for my clients.  Still having a toe in SEO waters means that I’ve got up to date knowledge and skills and I’m not relying on old SEO news from years ago.

I’ll only share the latest SEO strategies and bust those pesky SEO myths that people love to keep telling.

It doesn’t need to be confusing and overwhelming.

Let me help you understand SEO in an easier way, so you can feel confident of optimising your own website.

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