A quick, affordable and fuss-free way for copywriters to learn SEO (without all the unnecessary, boring bits!).

Learning SEO doesn’t have to be hard and boring.

That’s why I created a quick and fuss-free way for you to learn SEO at your own pace at a time that suits YOU, without the money, time and effort required to sign up for a super duper expensive (and mostly unnecessary) SEO course.

And the best part is- once you’ve done the course, you can start adding SEO services in your business and help your clients get more website traffic!

What past students think of the course:

"I have just completed the SEO course for content writers, as I wanted to be able to offer this service to my clients. Natalie’s delivery was excellent. Engaging, informative and exceptionally well-prepared- what more could I ask for? The fact that I can still access the course at anytime (even though I’ve graduated) is a real bonus. I would 100% recommend Natalie’s course to any fellow copywriters out there. Thank you!"

SEO For Copywriters And Content Creators gives you immediate access to:

Lesson 1: What is on-page SEO?

What is on-page SEO, what does it cover and how does it fit within an overall SEO and marketing strategy? Learn the role you will play, as a copy/content writer, in helping your client’s business grow organically.

Lesson 2: SEO Content Strategy

Learn two methods for creating an SEO content strategy which will equip you for different client needs, whether you’re working with a start-up or a well-established business.

Lesson 3:
Intro to keywords

A quick and easy introduction to keywords for beginners and a refresher for those more advanced sleuths who are looking to pick up an extra tip or two.

Lesson 4:
User Intent

Know your reader before you write, and know how they search before
you optimise with keywords. We investigate user intent and how this influences the types of keyword queries searched and what this means for your content. Word nerd: this one’s for you!

Lesson 5: Keyword research

Uncover all the pieces of the keyword research puzzle. Know exactly how
to do keyword research using the proven techniques I've used with my clients for over 5 years. You will feel less confused and more empowered to crack the keyword case for your clients.

Lesson 6:
On-page SEO elements

Each of the on-page SEO elements are explained and I show you where to find everything in WordPress. Know the latest SEO best-practices for on-page optimisation. No SEO trickery involved!

Lesson 7:
Google Analytics

Learn how to find everything you need to know about your client’s website pages and their performance, to help you create a better content strategy. This lesson shares the data that is most relevant to copywriters and content creators.

Lesson 8:
Google Search Console

Learn how to find SEO intel for your client’s website- which keywords are they ranking for? Which pages get the most organic clicks? What are your clients’ keyword rankings in Google? Investigate the clues that will help you create better optimised content.

Lesson 9:
E.A.T. & quality

No, I’m not talking about food! Your clients expertise, authority and trustworthiness is measured not only by readers but by Google too. I uncover tips to improve the E.A.T. factor for better rankings and more traffic. Important for businesses that have a direct impact on a person’s quality of life!

For only $397AUD* you get:

9 recorded lessons covering on-page SEO topics that every copywriter and content creator needs to know:

  • How to measure current website performance: top performing pages, best sources of traffic
  • How to check SEO performance to find out which keywords a website is ranking for
  • How to create a content strategy for better SEO results
  • How to understand the different types of keywords and search intent
  • How to perform keyword research without getting lost in a keyword rabbit hole
  • What to do with the keywords you’ve uncovered to get more organic clicks and sales

Downloadable worksheets and checklists including on-page SEO elements, keyword research checklist, keyword research criteria, brainstorming templates and client templates to help you plan and execute on-page SEO for your clients.

Members-only platform to access the course at any time.

Lifetime access including course updates and new lessons and templates at no extra cost.

Bonus videos where I cover topics relating to on-page SEO for content creation and demo videos showing you how I use different tools.

Special student rates for 1:1 SEO coaching

*around £230 or $270US

All prices inc GST for Australian students and charged in AUD.

Check the exchange rate if you’re outside of australia.

"Natalie really knows her stuff when it comes to keyword research and all things SEO!"
Sharon Baillie, Baillie Admin Services

Lifetime access to recorded lessons and templates, when you need it.

All content is immediately available. You can binge your way through the entire course in just 2 hours instead of waiting weeks for the next batch of content to be released.

After completing this course, you’ll feel confident about adding keyword research as an extra service for your clients and you can apply your knowledge to help your own site improve its ranking.

The course will pay for itself once you land that first client paying for keyword research services!

How to write content for SEO

Hi! I’m Nat- an SEO Sleuth and lover of all things data and analytics. I love teaching people like you how to use SEO to get more business for yourself and your clients, and am known for explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way that will leave you thinking, "Ohhhh, NOW I get it!"
For over 6 years I’ve been working with copywriters, content writers and small businesses helping them find the missing pieces of the SEO puzzle. I’ve used my master sleuthing skills to build consistent income from 6 blogs and use what I’ve implemented for my own clients.
After doing my course “SEO for copywriters and content creators”, you will feel confident, knowledgeable and clear about how you can use SEO on your own website and as
an add-on service in your business.