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Let's make your website work harder for you- learn how to use the power of SEO to attract the right organic traffic for more leads and sales.

Who the course is for

The course is perfect for you if you want to:

What students are saying about the course:

"The knowledge I have obtained since completing Nat's course means I have been able to add some SEO services to help my existing clients. Following the easily consumable modules has meant no overwhelming content, taking one aspect of SEO at a time yet seeing how it all comes together. The value the SEO Sleuth online course offers is amazing!"
Sharon Baillie
Baillie Online Services

SEO Sleuth Course outline

What you will learn:


Cut out the SEO confusion and learn why SEO matters, and how you can implement SEO the right way without any dodgy tactics. When you understand the theory behind SEO, everything starts to make more sense.


Do you feel intimidated by anything technical? Don’t worry, I’m NOT going to make you do any coding! This week, we look at the parts of your website that matter for SEO. 


Learn from the keyword research expert: I’ve been getting clients keyword research results for over 5 years. You will learn how to research keywords for your own website, and how to pick the best ones to use.

Module 4: ON-PAGE SEO 

This is a fun week! A step-by-step explanation of “what to put and where to put it” will give you the confidence to tackle on-page SEO for your clients. Take what you’ve learnt from week 3 and apply it to a real website. We also look at content strategies for SEO.


How do you make your website an authority in your niche? We look at marketing activities that will not only grow your online visibility, but make your website a higher authority in Google’s eyes.

Plan marketing activities that will also boost your website’s SEO.


I know you hate numbers- you’re a word nerd- but my videos show and explain how to find the data you need for SEO, without worrying about the scary stuff you don’t need to know about!

Module 7: Local SEO & SEO for Pinterest.

Bonus course modules:

Local SEO will teach you how to optimise your website so that you increase your local visibility on Google. If your business services a local area, this module is for you.

Did you know that Pinterest is also a search engine? In these modules, learn how to apply SEO rules to your Pins for increased visibility AND more organic website traffic.


Why do the course?

Get SEO Savvy 

Learn from me, the Master SEO Super Sleuth! Action the tips, strategies and techniques I’ve used with my clients for over 5 years. 

Save thousands

Forget hiring an expensive SEO company to do your SEO for you. Learn how to implement your own SEO strategies now and into the future.

Make thousands

Set yourself up with SEO add-ons for your copywriting or marketing clients.

Know the best practice principles

There are no dodgy techniques in this course and you’ll learn what not to do to avoid the wrath of the Google Gods. 

Boost your SEO confidence

Be baffled no more by the terms, tools and techniques in SEO land. Feel confident dealing with SEO pros or doing SEO work for your own clients.

Measure your success

Work out which metrics you need to monitor and measure to keep your success on track.

Get more of the right traffic

Drive more customers or clients to your site who are ready to convert

What students are saying about the course:

I knew a little about SEO but not the nuts and bolts. And through Natalie's Master the Mystery of SEO course I learned just how many nuts and bolts there were. Natalie's tuition and resources are excellent, and she answers queries quickly and comprehensively. I'm now in a far better position to implement SEO on my own website and those of clients. Natalie has helped my businesses enormously.
Cath Harris
Cath Harris Media

Cost of course: $597AUD (inc GST)

Are you in the U.K? Cost of the course:  £340 approx.

Are you in the U.S.? Cost of the course: $430 approx.


The course is run online using Thinkific. 

Most of the course content is video with some worksheets and quizzes.

When enrolling, Thinkific will request you to create an account at checkout. This will give you access to the course once you complete your purchase.

Yes! Get full access to the course once you have paid for it.

The course is self-paced and designed to be completed with minimal support required however if you have any issues, please email me.

There is a “live” version of the course that is run a couple of times per year and has 3 group coaching calls and email support available. Please contact me if you’d like more information about the live version and the next round date and cost.

Great question!

SEO is ever-changing, and so the course content will be updated twice per year. 

However, if a major change has occurred, then the content will be updated before the next round.


Yes you can!

SEO applies to every website regardless of which CMS platform it uses.

There will be differences from one platform to another, however the theory is the same.

When I show examples of the back end of a website, it is done on a WordPress site.

For the course, no, you don’t need to have a website yet. The first week of the course covers the basics of SEO which includes how to choose a web host, a content management system platform and other topics for beginners.

You can learn through the course and implement what you’ve learnt when you build your website.

For those buying the course + membership bundle, you’ll need to have a website to participate in the challenges.

You can enrol in the course if you’re located in Australia, U.K., U.S., New Zealand and Canada only.

Each coaching call is at a different time of the day to give people the chance to attend live.

Credit card payments can be made via Stripe.

How to write content for SEO

Your course trainer and Master SEO Sleuth

Hi! I’m Nat Alleblas, Head SEO Sleuth and Chief Data Nerd.

Yup, I’m the first to admit I’m a data nerd, lover of analytics with a fondness for spreadsheets and lab coats. Just kidding, but only about the lab coat. I much prefer a Sherlock-esque trenchcoat when I work 😉

But you don’t have to be or love any of those to master SEO! No trenchcoat required. Just a website and willingness to master the mystery of SEO. 

In my course I’ll teach the SEO tools and techniques that I’ve mastered over the past 5 years that have helped me earn tens of thousands of dollars – by driving traffic to my own sites I’ve monetised or by helping my clients with their SEO and keyword research needs. 

I don’t just teach and talk SEO… I DO SEO all day, every day, for my own sites and for my clients.  I’ll only share the latest SEO strategies and bust those pesky SEO myths that people love to keep telling.

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