A quick and easy-to-follow to-do list for on-page SEO that you can use whenever you're optimising your client's copy and content (and even your own!).

What is on-page SEO and why is it important?

On-page SEO is one of the 3 main parts of SEO, and refers to what you need to do to your website copy and content to give it the best possible chance of ranking in Google.

There are elements that each website page and post should have to meet SEO requirements, including a page title, meta description, headings, image names and image tags, as well as content optimised with relevant keywords.

These elements help Google’s bots understand the website’s content and when done properly, help give the user a good experience too.


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How does the on-page SEO checklist PDF help you?

No need to remember

You won’t need to memorise everything- just refer to the checklist when you need it.

Handy reference point

Print off the checklist and stick it on your office wall- easy to refer to! Or be eco-friendly and save it to your desktop folder.

Saves you time

Who has time to Google on-page SEO every time copy and content needs to be optimised? Spend that time doing something else!

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Natalie Alleblas

Hi, I'm Natalie Alleblas

Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of copywriters and content writers, helping them with SEO keyword research and on-page optimisation.

I also run a couple of SEO courses, including my popular “SEO For Copywriters And Content Creators”.

I know that SEO can be confusing at first, so my goal is to help as many writers understand SEO and use it as a way to grow their business revenue while helping their clients rank higher and get more web clicks!