keyword research

You're the word nerd, I'm the data geek...

Would you rather spend an hour writing copy or an hour researching keywords?

Working on multiple  projects and not sure if you’ll meet your deadlines? 

You can choose to push through- work late nights and weekends (fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong!). Or you could outsource your keyword research to me and create more time to work on your copywriting.

I do your keyword research, analysis and keyword mapping and send you my final list of keywords ready for you to weave throughout your copy. (I can already hear your sigh of relief!).

I’ve been getting SEO results for clients for almost 5 years and know what to look for and how to dig deep and find those keyword treasures.

No time wasting, no frustrations or data confusion!

Keyword research packages include:

Spreadsheet data showing primary and secondary keywords, their average monthly search volumes and a keyword competitiveness score.

A summary report with the recommended primary keyword for each page and/or post so that you don’t need to fret over choosing a keyword. If your client asks you questions about the keywords, you’ll have the answers.

30 minute phone or Zoom consult so you can ask any questions about the keyword reports. This is your chance to clear anything you’re not sure about.

Prices start from AUD $299 (Australian businesses add GST)

If you’re in the U.K.: from £199

Got a keyword research question?

Frequently asked questions

Rates depend on the size of the project but start from AUD$299 and £199 for U.K. clients.

Contact me for a firm quote.

Turnaround time depends on the size of the project, but for most projects less than 10 pages, turnaround is 2 business days from receipt of payment.

You’ll receive a spreadsheet with all relevant keywords listed, along with the average monthly search volume and a keyword competitiveness score.

I map all the keywords to the website’s pages/posts. I also let you know my recommendations for primary keyword and title tags.

You’ll also receive a brief report with my recommendations and reasons for choosing each primary keyword.

If your client doesn’t have a website, then you’ll need to provide me with a list of pages and/or posts with a brief description for each one.

This will give me an idea of what keywords I’ll need to research. I will send you a short list of about 10 keywords I’ll begin searching to get your feedback, to make sure I’m on the right track before I continue with the full research.

Most of my projects are white label projects, so I understand the importance of confidentiality.

I can remove my branding on the reports before sending to you- just let me know beforehand.

All projects that are below AUD$500 must be paid in full before work commences.

If you’re a new client and your project is more than AUD$500, I require a 75% deposit upfront with the balance payable once I send you your reports.

If you’re an existing client and your project is more than AUD$500, I require a 50% deposit upfront with the balance payable once I send you your reports.

I don’t commence work until I have received your payment.

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