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You're the word nerd, I'm the data geek...

Just because you know how to do keyword research, doesn’t mean you should do it!

It’s time consuming, confusing, and who wants to pay a fortune for subscriptions?

Outsource your keyword research to me. I’ll make sense of the crazy numbers and will choose the right keywords for each page and post, so you can confidently optimise your clients’ content. Easy peasy!

Keyword research packages includes:

Spreadsheet data showing primary and secondary keywords, their average monthly search volumes and a keyword competitiveness score

A summary report stating the recommended primary keyword for each page and post

1-hour phone consultation to discuss the report, data and any other questions you have about the keyword research.

Prices start from $180 (Australian businesses add GST)

Which keyword is your content ranking for?

You’ve sorted out your keyword research. You have a list of juicy keywords to optimise your content with. But before you do anything- check which keywords your content is already ranking for. You might be surprised!

This video shows you how to find out which keywords your website is already ranking for.

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What the heck are long tail keywords?

If you’re truly serious about implementing SEO for yourself or your clients, then using long-tail keywords is a MUST.


Long tail keywords can drive more traffic to your blog. 

But before we look at how they can drive more traffic to your blog, let’s learn what a long tail keyword is.

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