How to find keywords in Google Search Console

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You know how important using Google Search Console and Google Analytics is for planning and creating website content but the thought of using Search Console makes you squeamish.

You’re a word nerd and not a fan of analysing data and numbers!

But learning how to find the basic information in Google Search Console will help you answer the following about your website and your client’s website:

-Is organic website traffic growing?

-Which keywords are readers typing in Google to get to the website?

-What new content can I create?

-Which website pages or blog posts could do with a rewrite and SEO boost?

In this post, I’m going to share how you can find this information, at the click of your mouse (literally).

If you’d rather watch a video recording, here’s a tutorial:

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How to check your organic clicks, impressions, CTR and positions on Google Search Console

When you first log into your Google Search Console, you’ll see an Overview screen showing you a graph version of your data.

how to check your data on google search console

From here, click on “Performance” located on the lefthand side of your screen. It is the second option listed, below Overview.

This is where you will find your performance data: clicks, impressions, click through rate (CTR) and positions.

The default version shows your clicks and impressions. There are four boxes at the top of the screen, one for each piece of data. If you want the data to show, you need to click the box with your mouse and the box will be coloured. There is a different colour for each piece of data:

-Clicks are blue

-Impressions are teal

-CTR is green

-Positions are purple

As you click the boxes, the graph below will show the corresponding line in the correct colour. If you don’t want to see any of the data, just click the coloured box and it will turn white and you won’t see that data below.

how to check your data on GSC


Scroll further down the page and you will see the numerical data for each of the keywords your site is ranking for.

checking your clicks on google search console


If you like playing around with numbers like I do, then you might want to download the data as a CSV file so you can view it in Microsoft Excel or on Google Sheets.

One final word

If you use Google Search Console on your desktop like most people do, then clicking the boxes may not seem like the most obvious thing to do to view your data. However this new feature makes Google Search Console more mobile-friendly. I’ve been using it on my phone and love it- the old version of Google Search Console was clunky when viewed on my phone.

New things take some getting used to. Play around with the new version of Google Search Console and you will soon grow to like the new features and layout.

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