174 Fashion Blog Ideas For On-trend Content

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A picture tells a thousand words, but in the world of fashion blogging, it’s not just about the photos but the content you write for your readers.

Content is queen, but how do you know what to write about when it comes to fashion blogging? How do you know what blog ideas to write about that will attract your perfect readers ready to embrace all you have to say about style, fashion and everything in between?

Dahling, I’ve put together a list of over 170 fashion blog post ideas that will turn you into the Carrie Bradshaw of fashion blogging!

Let’s get started and get you planning your next blog post!

174 blog ideas for fashion bloggers

Luxury Fashion Blog Ideas

1.The best luxury fashion stores in {insert city name}
2. 11 Tips for shopping for luxury items
3. How to look after your luxury items
4. How to store your luxury fashion items
5. 7 Safe cleaning tips for luxury fashion
6. Luxury fashion that increases in value
7. 17 celebrity luxury fashion must-haves
8. Luxury fashion gift ideas for your wife/girlfriend
9. Luxury fashion gift ideas for your husband/boyfriend
10. 18 luxury fashion gifts every girl/woman/boy/man wants under their Christmas tree
11. Tips for selling your luxury fashion item
12. How to spot a designer fake
13. Unboxing a luxury, designer item
14. Your luxury fashion wish list
15. A story behind your very first luxury fashion purchase
16. Vintage luxury fashion pieces from the 1960s
17. Luxury fashion through the ages- a decade by decade look at luxury fashion
18. Top 10 luxury brands in the world

Budget Fashion Blog Ideas

19. How to create an entire outfit for under xx $
20. 27 money-saving tips for budget fashion shopping
21. Best budget fashion outlets in {insert city/town name}
22. How to create a capsule wardrobe
23. How to save money when clothes shopping
24. Black Friday budget fashion shopping tips
25. How to look like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost
26. 11 clever ways to repurpose your clothing
27. Show your readers one outfit that can be worn in 3 different ways
28. How to find discount codes for online fashion stores
29. Tricks for getting the best fashion deal online
30. How to shop for clothing on Amazon and Ebay
31. The best designer fakes and where to get them
32. Best {insert fashion item} for under $$$
33. How to save money buying clothes for your kids
34. Best thrift shops for clothes in {insert city/town}
35. Budget tips for shopping for maternity clothes
36. Fashion hacks that will save you hundreds
37. How to dress for a special occasion (without burning a hole in your budget)
38. Alternatives for buying new clothes: hiring clothes, borrowing, swapping
39. Do a month-long no spend challenge and write about how you got through it
40. Simple clothing repairs that’ll save you throwing out your favorite xyz
41. How to find good quality clothing at a budget price
42. How to avoid overspending when you go clothes shopping
43. An easy DIY fashion tutorial

Personal Style Fashion Content Ideas

44. Share your oldest piece of clothing you own and a story behind it
45. Your biggest fashion faux pas
46. The best thing you’ve ever bought
47. When you splurged on fashion and it was the best thing you did
48. Your biggest fashion waste-of-money item
49. How to dress when you’re in your 20s
50. How to dress when you’re in your 30s
51. How to dress when you’re in your 40s
52. How to dress when you’re in your 50s
53. Fashion choices for every body shape
54. Knowing the perfect color choice for your skin type
55. 5 things you must check before walking out the door
56. How to wear a mix of styles and still look great
57. Wearing one item of clothing every day for a fortnight
58. What are your wardrobe must-haves
59. Your favorite fashion trend
60. Your least favorite fashion trend
61. How to stay comfortable while being stylish
62. 7 things every woman must have in her wardrobe
63. Your favorite online fashion stores
64. Your favorite clothing stores in {insert town/city}
65. Fashion tips when you’re losing weight
66. Maternity fashion style tips
67. How your fashion tastes have changed over the years
68. One item of clothing you would never wear
69. How to put together an outfit in under 3 minutes
70. Tips for dressing up a casual outfit
71. Tips for dressing down a formal outfit
72. Your favorite fashion-conscious celebrity
73. Your favorite fashion designer or label
74. Your favorite movies about fashion
75. Who is your most inspirational fashion icon
76. When you followed a fashion trend that didn’t suit you
77. Which item of clothing gets you the most compliments?
78. What you wear to bed
79. How do you organize your clothing- hang it up? Fold it?
80.Tips for cleaning and storing your most expensive outfits
81. Your most versatile piece of clothing
82. What you wear when you’re exercising
83. What’s in your bag right now?
84. Your outfit of the day
85. What you wear to Christmas functions
86. How to choose the right shoe type for an outfit

Seasonal Fashion Blog Ideas

87. How to stay warm AND look stylish in winter
88. Tips for choosing the perfect swimwear for your shape
89. How to buy the best sunglasses for your face shape
90. Best clothing choices to keep you cool (and stylish!) in summer
91. Fashion ideas to wear on Christmas day
92. The daggiest Christmas jumpers you MUST have
93. How to choose the perfect colors to wear each season
94. Fashion ideas for a cruise vacation
95. Must-have fashion items for a European holiday
96. Clothes to pack in your carry-on
97. How to pack more in your suitcase
98. Halloween costume ideas for kids
99. How to dress to stand out at your birthday party
100. What to wear to a music festival
101. What to wear when you go camping
102. Fashion style tips for apres-ski
103. How to dress for a black tie event
104. Dress code rundown: example outfits for every type of event dress code
105. Outfit ideas for different types of dates: movies, dinner, outdoor activities
106. Fashion tips for attending sporting events

Eco-friendly And Sustainable Fashion Blog Ideas

107. How to go from fast fashion to sustainable fashion
108. Sustainable fashion brands to look out for
109. Sustainable and ethical clothing brands for men
110. Sustainable and ethical clothing brands for kids
111. How to get started with sustainable fashion
112. Fast fashion brands to avoid and why
113. Sustainable little black dresses for every occasion
114. Vegan-friendly fashion brands
115. How to follow fashion trends in a sustainable way
116. Best organic and sustainable socks
117. How the fashion industry contributes to pollution
118. Ethical and sustainable sunglasses for summer
119. Handbags that pass the sustainability and eco-friendly test
120. Vegan leather belts, handbags and shoes to look out for
121. How to check that your organic cotton clothing is genuinely organic
122. Easy guide to know if your clothing really is ethically made
123. Tips for breathing new life into old clothing
124. Handy apps for buying and selling secondhand clothing
125. A guide to eco-friendly fabric: what to use and what to stay away from
126. 17 sustainable plus size clothing brands
127. New eco-friendly fashion brands to look out for in {insert year}
128. Eco-friendly gifts for fashionistas
129. Celebrities who have embraced sustainable fashion
130. Sustainable pajama and loungewear brands
131. How to find sustainable activewear

Wedding fashion blog ideas

132. How to choose the perfect wedding dress
133. Tips for choosing a bridal party color scheme
134. A guide to dressing the mother of the bride
135. The perfect wedding veil for every dress type
136. Ivory or white: which wedding dress color should you choose?
137. How to incorporate something old, new, borrowed and blue into a wedding dress
138. Wedding dresses for pregnant brides
139. Gorgeous wedding dresses that aren’t white or ivory
140. Off the rack or custom: what to consider when buying a wedding dress
141. Celebrity wedding dresses: who did it right and wrong?
142. How to choose bridal party dresses
143. How to choose the perfect bridal shoes
144. Stylish suits for every groom
145. Reception dress ideas
146. Clothing to pack for your wedding night
147. How to choose the perfect outfits for your honeymoon
148. Beach honeymoon swimwear and fashion ideas
149. Personalized wedding outfits for cute couples
150. How to choose the perfect flower girl dress


Other Fashion Blog Ideas

151. Stop wearing black- how to start wearing more colors
152. A guide to different types of denim
153. How to choose the best jeans for your body shape
154. Choosing the perfect white t-shirt
155. Best fashion bloggers to follow in {insert year}
156. How to make sure your clothes fit you properly
157. When it’s time to get rid of your clothes
158. Throw, keep or donate: tips for decluttering your wardrobe
159. How to dress for the office: from corporate wear to casual Fridays
160. Tips for dressing for a Zoom meeting
161. How to choose the right pant length
162. Plus size fashion tips and tricks
163. Favorite fashion quotes from designers and models
164. A guide to choosing underwear for different outfits
165. Tips for buying lingerie for different body shapes
166. Which colors are the most slimming?
167. How to dress for your personality
168. Things a woman over 40 should not wear anymore
169. Fashion ideas to cheer you up on a gloomy day
170. 18 fun slogan t-shirts that’ll make you smile
171. Fashion charities to support this Christmas
172. Best accessible fashion brands
173. Fashion traditions from around the world
174. Runway fashions you’d never wear

Once you've planned your ideas

Once you’ve chosen your blog topic ideas, the next step is to do keyword research to find what keywords you’ll be targeting in each blog post to help you get organic Google traffic.

If you’ve never done keyword research before and need some help, I offer blog keyword research services. You can learn more about that here.

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