Learn to DIY your SEO

Whether you want just a taste of SEO with my free 5-day challenge or if you want to learn it all in my SEO course, I’ve got a DIY option that’s perfect for you! 

The challenge is a great introduction to using keywords on your website in a fun, easy-to-understand way, with daily learnings and tasks and support from me in the Facebook challenge group.

When you’re ready for the big guns, my SEO Sleuth Course will have you learning everything you need to get your website working harder for you. A 6-week program that is video-based with support materials, coaching calls and Facebook support from me.

Which one will you choose: challenge or course? Click below to learn more!

5-day SEO Sleuth Challenge

Over 5-days, learn how to increase organic search engine traffic using SEO keywords on your website!

SEO Sleuth Course

Learn how to implement SEO for your own website, to offer add-on services for your clients and earn more revenue.

SEO for copywriters

You’re a copywriter or content writer who wants to add SEO optimisation as a service for clients. Learn the parts of SEO relevant to you!