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keyword research You’re the word nerd, I’m the data geek… request a quote Would you rather spend an hour writing copy or an hour researching keywords? Working on multiple  projects and not sure if you’ll meet your deadlines? Want to

SEO audit melbourne

SEO Audit

SEO Audit Let’s do some detective work on your client’s website… SEO AUDIT Before you can get directions to somewhere, you need to know your current location. The same can be said for content creation- you want more website traffic

Competitors Website Analysis

competitors analysis Want to know what your competitors are doing behind the scenes? learn more Competitor Analysis What would you do if you knew the keywords your competitors were ranking for?  If you knew which content was their best performing? 

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voice search SEO

SEO and voice search: everything you need to know

Have you used Siri, Google Assistant, Google Home or Alexa to help you search for things online? My teenaged daughter was studying in her bedroom recently, and needed to find the answer to a science question. She’d left her laptop

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What people say about me

Nat Alleblas is my secret weapon in the SEO war. (In fact I'm loathed to share her, but here goes...) Nat has helped me out on a number of projects where deep SEO analysis is required (and my brain is in creative rather than number-crunching mode). She works fast and always presents her SEO and keyword research findings in a super-easy-to-understand format, following up with clear explanations to my pedantic questioning. If you need a keyword detective or SEO super sleuth to help you find the best route to high ranking - Natalie Alleblas is your go-to.

Lisa Cropman SEO Copywriter, Content Strategist & Writer