Adding new content isn’t the only way to keep your website fresh and interesting. Improving your old content is much easier than writing a new blog post, yet many people neglect to do this!

I know you’re probably ignoring your old content because it’s embarrassing to read things you wrote back in the days when you couldn’t really write.

However, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and freshen up your content to make it more engaging and interesting for your readers. Here’s a list of my hacks that Google and your audience will love!

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Hacks For Freshening Up Existing Website Content

Add a new image or video

We’re a visual society- we consume most of our content via videos and images also play a huge role in grabbing our attention. For this reason, it’s a great idea to add a new image or record a video to include in your existing content. This will make your page visually appealing and your readers will stay on your site for longer. You can embed a Youtube video or create your own- have a go!


Turn your content into audio

Audio is also a growing way we consume content. The beauty about audio is you don’t have to watch the screen while you’re listening- you could be washing the dishes, working out at the gym, walking your dog and still consuming content. This is great for those of us who multi-task!

Download software such as Audacity, and record your blog post then upload it onto your website page.

Update your keywords

When was the last time you checked which keywords your blog post is ranking for? Have a look at Google Search Console, and then make sure the relevant keywords appear in your blog post. If not, add them in (naturally, and only if they are relevant and useful).

Here’s a quick tutorial I’ve recorded showing you how to find these keywords in Google Search Console:

Add a graphic or table

Turn a stack of text into something visually appealing such as an infographic or table. This will grab your reader’s attention!

Change the introduction

Rewrite the first paragraph of your blog post and make it something attention-grabbing!

Change the heading

Make your heading more punchy (but don’t change the URL or you could muck up your SEO).

Change the published date

Want to trick Google into thinking your post is newer than it really is? In WordPress, you can change the date that the blog was published and make it a more recent date.

Add a summary

Summarise your blog post listing the main points covered, and try to experiment with putting the summary at the start or end of your post. This will help reduce reader overwhelm which could keep them on your page longer.

Add a quote

People love being inspired- it gives them the warm and fuzzies. Include a powerful quote in your blog post– you can turn the quote into a graphic using something like Canva (and for bonus points, share it on your social media!).

Add more content

Yeah, this one might be a drag but often adding more USEFUL content is the best way to freshen up an old blog post and get some SEO brownie points. You will also drive more traffic to your post. Make sure your post is at least 700 words long but don’t write crap just to fill the page! Always be amazing with your content.

Case studies, examples and comparisons

Case studies are interesting and powerful ways to back up what you’re saying. People like to see proof of what you’re claiming!

Tidy up your grammar and punctuation

Run a spell check and use contractions to take your language from formal and boring to readable and interesting. It’s instead of it is, and we’re instead of we are.

Change the header image

A header image is like an introduction to your blog post and is what you see when you share the URL on Facebook and other platforms- make the image something new and fresh.

Update your links

Check that all of your internal and external links are still working. Try using a new link to help spread link juice to other parts of your website.

In Summary

Set yourself a challenge to improve your blog post clicks, impressions and shares! Here’s a neat summary of the hacks I shared above:

  1. Add a new image or video
  2. Turn your content into audio
  3. Update your keywords
  4. Add a graphic or table
  5. Change the introduction
  6. Change the heading
  7. Change the published date
  8. Add a summary
  9. Add a quote
  10. Add more content
  11. Case studies, examples and comparisons
  12. Tidy up your grammar and punctuation
  13. Change the header image
  14. Update your links

You don’t need to use all of these hacks- some will work better than others for your blog post. Think about your audience and what they prefer. Start with an easy hack such as changing the publish date, then slowly work your way through the list. I’d recommend copying this list and pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet and then checking off each one as you complete it. This way, you can keep track of what you’ve updated and not feel overwhelmed!

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Brush Off The Cobwebs: Hacks To Freshen Up Old Content
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