Want to know which blog topics will get your client more traffic, and the best SEO keywords to use?

Your client’s signed up to your blog package, but now you’re stuck figuring out the best topics to write about.

My data-driven approach finds the best topics to write about and the perfect SEO keywords to use, to write more effective content that gets more clicks and Google love, while still engaging the reader.

No more throwing mud at a wall to see what sticks!

How does it work?

Decide how many blog topics you require, and either provide me with some ideas your client is interested in, or give me free reign to do the research and find out what the data tells us.

What do you get?

A spreadsheet with relevant, well-researched SEO keywords that are mapped to each blog topic they belong to.

You clearly see the blog topic, the corresponding keywords, plus numbers telling you how often the keyword is searched and how easy or difficult it is to rank in Google for that keyword.

I also include a summary report that explains the topics I found, why I chose them and other SEO intel I find along the way. This helps you answer any client queries and feel confident that the best topics have been chosen.


Why work with me?

Natalie Alleblas

My keyword research services have helped hundreds of copywriters and content writers over the last 7 years.

I’ve also researched, written and published over 400 blogs for my own websites, using the strategies I implement when working with clients.

When you invest in my services, you’re saving yourself time, stress and headaches, and you know that what I recommend is backed by data- numbers don’t lie!

Blog keyword research packages

Keyword research for:
2 blogs= $200
4 blogs=$350
6 blogs=$500
12 blogs=$1000
All prices are in Australian dollars. Aussie writers, please add GST.
(Price does not include writing of the blog itself).

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