Hi, I’m Natalie, SEO sleuth for copywriters who hate dealing with keyword rabbit holes and confusing data.

Natalie Alleblas

“It’s so cool that you offer this service!”

I know, right?! You write words, you need SEO keywords, I’m a gun at researching SEO keywords- it’s a no-brainer!

One of my very first clients was a copywriting friend who didn’t have time to do the keyword research stuff and saw how good I was at doing it. 

She was so impressed, she recommended I offer it as a service to all copywriters, and she started referring connections from her network, and that’s how my little business began.

Fast forward to 2019, I officially announced to the world that I was niching my business and people started to take notice of me on LinkedIn and since then, my business growth has doubled each year.

“I always see your posts on LinkedIn!”

That’s no accident- I’ve been writing and publishing posts on LinkedIn since 2019. Back in the early days, I was publishing up to 4 times per day including weekends and engaging with lots of other connections. It’s NOT a boring recruitment platform at all, and I’ve “met” some awesome people on there. Consistency grows your business, I’m proof of that!

Follow me on LinkedIn and check out what I’ve written. 

nat alleblas

“You write the best emails- how do you get your ideas?”

On the topic of consistency, another non-negotiable in my business is my weekly SEO tips email that I send to my list. SEO can be a boring topic, but I jazz it up with stories about my life, analogies and other bits and pieces while still also sharing tips and educating you about SEO and websites. I’ve been asked who my email copywriter is- it’s me! I write all my own content. So yeah, I guess you can say that I’m the SEO for copywriters- I’m a storyteller just like YOU. Curious about my emails? Want me in your inbox each week? Sign up below.

I find small talk at an event awkward- what do I talk about? And do I have spinach stuck in my teeth?

Here’s some random stuff about me that would take you ages to find out if we were chatting at a networking event:

-If we were out at dinner, I’d most likely order the vegetarian meal even though I’m a carnivore.

-I walk 10km 3 times per week and for some reason, I keep coming across lost dogs while on my walk. I’ve helped 4 pooches find their way back home in the past year. Better I find them than the local pound, right?

-I’m a morning person, but only when I’ve had a decent night’s sleep.

-Coffee- flat white, full cream milk, NO sugar (just in case you want to order me one).

-Rock concerts are my thing, and I have a collection of guitar picks from different bands I’ve seen live including Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers (who are really shit live, by the way. I’ve seen them twice. Save your money).

Ok, enough about me. Now I want to learn about YOU!

You didn’t think this was going to be a one-sided conversation, did you?

If you love the idea of me doing all the boring, time-consuming keyword research for you, fill in the form below and I’ll send you more details and a quote.