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How did a data nerd end up working with copywriters in the world of SEO?

A decade in banking and finance left me feeling frustrated and exhausted with all the corporate BS and the sleazy sales tactics of some of my colleagues.

I came home frustrated from work one night, and made a promise to my husband that within 15 months I would start my very own business. I didn’t know what that business would be, but I wouldn’t be working for anyone else anymore.

The universe has a way of delivering and 15 months later I was made redundant from the bank.

I spent the next year building and monetising 5 blogs through the power of keyword research, which a copywriter commented on and asked if she could outsource keyword research to me. And that’s where it all began…

From sleazy, schemy bank employees to...sleazy and schemy SEO?

Yeah, it might seem strange I’ve ended up in SEO given the sleazy, dodgy practices in my industry.

But one of the things that makes me stand out from the rest of the pack is my refusal to offer dodgy SEO practices.

I’m more likely to tell you NOT to bother with keyword research for your client because they’re a new business with a tiny budget, than to sign your client up to an ultra expensive retainer with a pathetic return on investment.

And the only black hat you’ll see me with is the one I wear to the beach so I don’t get sunburnt during a hot Aussie summer. 


nat alleblas

What to expect when you work with me:

I’m very thorough with my keyword research. I’d rather spend double the time finding keyword gold than rushing to deliver sub-standard work. That’s why my average turnaround time is 2-3 business days.

I’m all about delivering work that’s easy to understand, simple, clear and without any waffling BS.

I’m also approachable and available to answer your questions. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked! Your job isn’t to understand SEO- it’s my job to make your life easier, which is why I do the research stuff and you do the creative word magic.

What to expect if you're a student of mine:

"The knowledge I have obtained since completing Nat's course means I have been able to add some SEO services to help my existing clients.Following the easily consumable modules has meant no overwhelming content, taking one aspect of SEO at a time yet seeing how it all comes together.The value the SEO Sleuth online course offers is amazing!"
Sharon Baillie
Baillie Online Services
I knew a little about SEO but not the nuts and bolts. And through Natalie's Master the Mystery of SEO course I learned just how many nuts and bolts there were. Natalie's tuition and resources are excellent, and she answers queries quickly and comprehensively. I'm now in a far better position to implement SEO on my own website and those of clients. Natalie has helped my businesses enormously.
Cath Harris
Cath Harris Media
I want to say a big thank you Natalie. It has been a really great challenge. The videos and resources have been easy to follow, really practical, and I am already implementing a few of the techniques. Thank you for putting this together.
Lotti Kershaw
Digital Literacy & Life Skills Tutor
What a fantastic SEO Sleuth Challenge from Natalie! With days of learning to get through I would normally have dropped out halfway through - but there were so many amazing tips I kept going. Every session had a step-by-step guide that was easy to understand and easy to follow. I learnt so much in such a short space of time - which has already helped me to improve SEO on my own website and that of my copywriting clients. The value of this free course is incredible!
Helen Gent
Trumpet Media
"Loved Natalie's SEO Sleuth Challenge and picked up some fab tools to dig into my health coaching practice with."-Jane
"Awesome insight into SEO. The sleuth challenge was really fantastic." -Erica
"Thank you for your excellent insights, tips and help sheets. Will look over all your other resources & vids. I'm a fan!- Claire

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