"As an SEO copywriter, I am often booked to capacity and when that happens, I turn to Natalie for all my client's SEO needs.
Nat is incredible at diving deep into keyword research to come up with a realistic set of usable keywords to target.
Nat has also done in-depth competitor analysis and used her SEO skills to figure out a competitor's SEO strategy that we've then been able to apply to my copywriting clients.
Nat is fast and professional and great to work with. I'm sure we'll collaborate on many more projects together in the future."
Sandra Muller
Content Strategist
"Nat Alleblas is my secret weapon in the SEO war. (In fact I'm loathed to share her, but here goes...) Nat has helped me out on a number of projects where deep SEO analysis is required (and my brain is in creative rather than number-crunching mode). She works fast and always presents her SEO and keyword research findings in a super-easy-to-understand format, following up with clear explanations to my pedantic questioning.
If you need a keyword detective or SEO super sleuth to help you find the best route to high ranking - Natalie Alleblas is your go-to."
Lisa Cropman
The Word Nest
"Natalie did a great job with keyword research and writing my product listing for Amazon.
She researched popular keywords in my niche and collated them into an easy to understand spreadsheet. She also helped me write my product listing and made sure that the backend of the listing in Amazon contained the relevant keywords and information. I have no hesitation in recommending Nat to other Amazon sellers that need help with Amazon SEO- she is a whizz, no wonder people call her an SEO sleuth!"
Kaye Brown
Amazon Seller
"I was really pleased to stumble across Natalie and her SEO sleuthing services. Nat loves this stuff and she is really good at it. She is an SEO ‘nerd’ and surprises me by the number of terms she uncovers that seem obvious when you see them (but I didn’t think of) and the non-obvious ones. Natalie has been helping me with keyword research for my Australian and US Amazon businesses. Finding the right keywords is essential to getting your products found and purchased on Amazon. Nat always patiently explains to me in plain English why she chose the words and what I can do to implement her suggestions. Plus, she always delivers on her promises in a timely manner. I have already recommended Nat to friends and family who need help with SEO and will continue to do so."
Margaret Enever
Seddonista Home
"I engaged Nat to help with SEO keyword research and she absolutely over-delivered. Not only did she scope out some valuable keywords and provide a clear, comprehensive report, she also did it in record time. I’ll definitely be using Nat’s services for my copywriting clients in the future. Highly recommend!"
Alicia Kacar
Type A Copywriting
"Nat is excellent at what she does- my SEO is so much better after she did some work on it and my website. I can highly recommend Nat as an awesome digital strategist. Thanks Nat!"
Kathy Bennett
Petite Blooms

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