I help businesses be found on search engines- whether it’s Google, YouTube or Pinterest.

I’m Natalie- digital marketing sleuth, multiple business owner, e-commerce expert, blogger, mum, wife, friend.

I help small to medium businesses be found on search engines, through solid keyword research and on-page SEO. No dodgy stuff here folks! I’m a fan of quality website content and putting YOUR clients ahead of search engines.

What you can expect from me

Skills and experience covering SEO, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging and general business

A professional service with a quick turnaround

Affordable prices to suit most budgets

I’ve been in marketing since the dark ages of direct mail…

My corporate career began 18 years ago as a Marketing Co-ordinator for a pharmaceutical retail chain, managing catalogue promotional campaigns (back in the days when direct mail was the way to go!).

I then spent 10 years working as a Mortgage Consultant for one of Australia’s Big 4 banks, in their main call centre, which was ironic given that I hated talking on the phone. But I discovered my love of helping people find solutions, which is what I do for clients today.

Here’s a 5-min video about me:

The arrival of the sleuth

Since 2014, I’ve built and monetised 6 blogs and niche websites using search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing programs. If you need help with:

keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, blog writing, Pinterest, Youtube, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, e-commerce, sourcing manufacturers, how to import products- I can help you with this.

Remember, they call me the “digital marketing sleuth”- I love solving the SEO puzzle for other businesses.

Some of my clients…

include copywriters, a florist, bookkeepers, social media consultants, a psychologist and e-commerce businesses.

In 2017, I began an e-commerce business with my husband and I’m currently sourcing new products for my next e-commerce/Amazon U.S. venture.

Some random things you may not know about me:

-I have tertiary qualifications in PR, marketing and accounting

-I once ended up on stage at an Eddie Vedder gig

-I’m obsessed with 80’s pop culture

-I’m an introvert who loves public speaking (weird, yeah?!)

-I’m a huge fan of classic movies (think golden years of Hollywood)

-I was named after actress Natalie Wood (I’m sure I’m not the only one)