42 Killer Blog Post Ideas For Service Businesses

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One of the reasons why many businesses fail to blog on a regular basis is the lack of ideas!

There are times when your imagination is flooded with great ideas and other times when you can’t think of a single, interesting thing to write about!

One of my goals for 2018 is to blog more on this website, yet I keep running out of ideas- so I’ve decided to write a list that I can refer back to when the ideas are dry. And lucky for you, I’m sharing this list so that it can help you too!

Here is a list of 42 killer blog post ideas for service businesses.

42 Killer Blog Post Ideas For Service Businesses

1.Write about why you decided to start your business.

2.Write about one of the challenges you face in your business (your clients may relate to this!).

3.Share a step-by-step guide to a typical process or action your clients may use in their business- you can also repurpose this into an instructional video!

4.Choose a typical client question you receive, and write a detailed response.

5.Share a client success story. Make sure you ask your client for permission first, and also encourage them to share your post via their social media platforms.

6.Share a list of resources that you use in your business, that your clients may find useful.

7.Create a list of some of the best content you can find within your niche- for example, other blog posts, Youtube videos, case studies etc…

8.Interview a business that offers a service that complements what you offer.

9.Share one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in business- you can turn this into a Facebook Live video and encourage your audience to share what lessons they’ve learnt!

creating an infographic

10.Create an infographic on a topic relating to your business- write about the different aspects of the infographic. Don’t forget to turn the infographic into a Pinterest Pin!

11.Write about “what not to do” when running a business in your clients’ niche.

12.Think about a typical “myth” relating to your business or your clients’ businesses and bust the myth in a blog post.

13.Write a behind-the-scenes post about what a typical day in your business looks like. Include lots of photos. Create a Facebook Live while you’re in your workspace as a teaser, telling your audience “to find out more, please read my latest blog post”.

14.Write about one of the services you offer and how it can help different businesses.

15.Share a checklist of things your clients can do to improve an aspect of their business.

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16.Post a list of quotes that have inspired you in your business. Create a graphic with a quote to share on your Facebook page and other social media.

17.Share some of the goals you have for your business for the year.

18.Write about a recent business book, podcast or networking event you’ve attended.

19.Share your all-time favourite business books, podcasts and videos.

20.Share a personal story to inspire your readers.

21.Write about what’s trending in your niche this week- have a look at Facebook and Twitter!

22.Write about a current news topic relating to your niche.

23.Write about a new product, feature, app or website that could help your readers.

24.Write a seasonal post. For example, you could write about things your clients should do in their businesses in the lead up to Christmas/New Year.

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25.Write a thank you post to your clients!

26.Create a roundup of “the best” of different things relating to your clients’ niche. For example, the best app to use, the best marketing campaign, the best business interview. You can do an annual roundup at the end of each year or a monthly roundup.

27.Write about stats and data relating to your services that your client would be interested in.

28.Write a series of blog posts on one topic.

29.Review a product that your clients may use.

30.Write a fun comparison post between one aspect of your business, and something totally unrelated (such as a popular TV show, pop culture phenomenon or news story).

31.Find someone else’s blog post that you agree or disagree with and write reasons why you agree or disagree.

32.Ask experts to share a business tip with you and do a roundup of their responses.

33.Write a list of trends that your clients should watch out for.

34.Write about who your business idols are (make sure you Tweet or email them your finished blog post!)

35.Check which keywords your website is ranking well for via Google Search Console. Write about these keyword topics if you haven’t already.

36.Write about the proudest moment in your business.

37.Share what makes you different from your competitors.

38.Write about something you’re passionate about and how it impacts on your business.

blog post ideas

39.Write about the different social media platforms your business uses and how your clients can connect with you.

40.What are your biggest fears in your business and what are you doing to overcome them?

41.Write about how your clients can increase their productivity.

42.Create a “pillar post” which is a summary of existing blog posts that relate to a topic. Link to these posts within the pillar post.



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