People often ask me whether keyword research is still important today. I think there is a common misconception that keywords are all about stuffing the same keyword into a blog post as many times as you can in the hopes of getting on page 1 of Google.

Well, that’s wrong and I’m here to bust this myth by sharing with you 3 ways that you can use keyword research to create better content for your website. Whether the content is blog posts, creating videos for YouTube or even a pin for your Pinterest boards.

3 Ways Keyword Research Helps You Create Better Content


keyword research

1. Keyword research helps you find out customer or client pain points.

This is great for those of you starting out in business or wanting to find out more information about your target audience. Keyword research helps you find out your customer’s pain points, and what they need help with. Since keywords are used in search engines, people enter keywords relating to problems they have that they need solutions for.

That’s where you come in- by knowing your customers or clients problems, you can create content that helps solve your customers or clients problems.

2. Keyword research helps you find content ideas.

Stuck on a blog post topic? Don’t know what to talk about in your next Facebook live video? Keyword research can help you uncover some topics and ideas for content that you may never have thought of otherwise.

I recently worked with a social media client who was stuck on ideas for website content. After I performed some keyword research for her, we found that people still don’t know how to upload videos onto Facebook. So this gave her an idea for her next blog post.

3.Keyword research helps you “niche down” your business.

If you’re in a competitive market, keyword research can help you find ways that you can make your business more niche or specific to a very small audience. This is useful when you’re not attracting an audience to your website or aren’t generating an income for your business.

For example, instead of having a travel website, which is extremely competitive, your website could focus on families with school aged children travelling to New York City. Yes, this is a more specific audience and may only be a small audience, but by focusing on a niche you will attract an audience that is more likely to buy your products and services or become a fan of your biz.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that keyword research isn’t relevant today. While Google continues to crack down on those who use keyword stuffing and other “SEO tricks” to gain an audience, keyword research still plays an important part in successful content marketing.

Keyword research helps you find out valuable information about your audience that you can use to create more helpful and useful content. It’s all about being as helpful and useful as possible to your audience.

Think of it as valuable market research!

What are some ways that you have used keyword research to help you with your business?

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3 Ways Keyword Research Helps You Create Better Content
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