136 Food Blog Ideas For Food Bloggers

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Are you a food blogger or a food business wanting to publish food blog posts? I’ve created a list of 136 food blog ideas that will have you ready to start writing in no time.

Coming up with ideas for food blogs can be really challenging. Sure, there are lots of potential recipe ideas out there but what about other food topics that many bloggers forget to write about? Adding some of these to your blog will make you stand out more and may even attract more organic traffic from Google (especially if the keywords have a lower competition score!).

These food blog ideas are grouped into categories to make it easier for you to find the best idea for your blog.


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General Food Blog Ideas

Best {insert cuisine} restaurant in {insert town/city}
Food apps to make your cooking life easier
Utensils every serious foodie must have in their kitchen
Share how you set up your kitchen space and work area
What is your favorite brand of pots and pans?
How to adjust ingredient quantities to suit how many you’re cooking for
Create a handy conversion guide for your readers to reference (F to Cel, metric etc…)
Interview someone who works in the food industry
A glossary of common cooking terms that beginners might not know about
First time moving out of home- what you need to start cooking your own meals
Restaurants and cafes featured in famous movies and TV shows
Best cooking shows on TV
Recipes that celebrities have shared (eg. Gigi Hadid pasta)
Tiktok food trend wins and fails
Ingredients that work well together
Share a tutorial showing how to perform a certain technique (eg. how to cut a roast)
How to sharpen knives
Different methods for cooking rice
7 recipes using xyz ingredient

Budget Food Blog Ideas

Tasty meals using cheaper cuts of meat
Recipes that bulk up on vegetables
Clever ideas for using up leftovers
7 different recipes using ground beef
How to create your own sauces and marinades from scratch
Food hacks to reduce your grocery budget
How to create a cost-effective meal plan
Cheapest vegetables and what to cook with them
Is it cheaper to buy bread or bake your own?

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