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I have hired Nat to do keyword research and analysis for my copywriting clients and she never fails to find valuable target keywords where my client has a real shot at ranking.
Sandra Muller
Content Strategist

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Know which keywords to target

You’re a word nerd and find keyword research time consuming and confusing. Wouldn’t you love a list of keywords given to you, so you can get on with creating compelling and rank-worthy copy?

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SEO audit melbourne


Want to improve your website’s content and user experience, and grow your traffic and profits? Let’s audit your website to see what’s working and what needs fixing.

Competitor Analysis

Want to know what your competition is doing? I can analyse your competitors’ website traffic, content performance, keywords and backlinks to help you plan and execute a better SEO strategy.

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Keyword Research

I can find the keywords you should be targeting for each web page and post.

SEO Audit

By performing an audit, I can tell you which technical elements need to be fixed and how to improve your content.

"Pick Your Brain" Session

I have skills and experience in a range of business areas. Book a one-hour phone chat and ask me anything you like! Topics can include SEO, Pinterest, building a product business, sourcing products from China, visiting the Canton Fair and affiliate marketing.

On-page SEO

I can implement your SEO- by writing your metadata and optimising your existing content with relevant keywords.

Competitors Analysis

By analysing your competitors' website, I can recommend keywords to target, content to create and backlinks to build.

Guest Speaking

Do you run a networking event and need a speaker? Contact me if you'd like me to speak at your next event (Melbourne and Geelong only).

let's help your audience find your website

Implementing an ethical and effective SEO strategy has never been easier!