Want to create more time for your business?

I help SEO copywriters save time, reduce stress and increase revenue by outsourcing their clients' SEO needs.

what's in it for you?

"I need help finding the best keywords to target for SEO."

Save time and reduce stress by outsourcing your clients' keyword research to me. Know which keywords to use to create better converting copy for your clients.

"I need to know how my client's website is performing."

Don't waste your time creating a content strategy without an SEO audit first.
By knowing how your client's website is performing right now, you can create a more effective content and SEO strategy.

"I need to know how my client's competitors are performing."

Time poor? Creating a digital strategy but don't have the numbers to back it up?
Get a list of recommendations for your client's strategy- without the stress and headaches of analysing data yourself.

Nat Alleblas SEO Sleuth

I’m Nat, an SEO Sleuth who helps copywriters like you save time and reduce stress by outsourcing your clients’ SEO needs to me.

Whether it’s keyword research, SEO content audits or a competitors’ website analysis,  leave the data and analysis to me while you focus on the creative work!

What my clients have said about me:

"I have hired Nat to do keyword research and analysis for my copywriting clients and she never fails to find valuable target keywords where my client has a real shot at ranking. "
Sandra Muller
Content Strategist
Really happy with the work that Nat did for my website. I have used quite a few SEO people in the past and Nat really knows her stuff and gave me some really comprehensive work (which all made sense). Thanks so much Nat!
Emmie Faust
Business Growth Consultant
"Natalie’s framework was so easy to work with! She put together a clear spreadsheet of all her keyword suggestions, including a primary. She answered all my questions and her work was thorough and well thought out."
Esther Novak Web Copywriter
Esther Novak
Web Copywriter

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